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"Inspiring. This CD (Tibetan Incantations) was played at the recent gathering in Mountain View at the Shoreline Amphitheater when HH Dalai Lama gave his talk "Peace Through Inner Peace" to over 12,000. people. It was played as the thousands of people took their seats and at the ending as we all filed out after this wonderful 2 hours with HH. As people left you could see and hear many of them joining in with this music saying/singing the mantra "OM MANI PADME HUM". I found it very inspiring, soothing and a fitting piece of music to play on this occasion. I knew I wanted to add it to my personal CD collection. Upon returning home I searched until I was able to find out what this music was and where I could purchase it. I play it for the calming effect it has and to recall the wonderful experience of that day. I hope others will enjoy it as I do." by Grace Ford from Simi Valley, CA.

"I received my CDs in 2 days. Thanks Alyta." J. Byron, New York, USA

"I have recently returned from travels to Tibet and Nepal. This CD (Tibetan Incantations) instantaneously takes me back to one of my favorite places. Bodnath, a city in the Kathmandu valley is an intensely spiritual place. With a Buddhist stupa at the centre, shops and monasteries enclose this sacred spot. One of the shops had this music replaying all the time. All I need to do is to put on this wonderful lyrical music and I am transported back to this magical place circumabbulating the stupa with the pilgrims and monks." by Marilyn from 150 Mile House, BC Canada

I'm so excited about soon receiving my order, Tibetan Incantations...I heard the chant when I listened to the cd from a friend, and when I listened to it, I was transformed into a different time and space-feeling so connected with spirit and peaceful and calm-feeling at one with mother nature...I'm filled with gratitude and I'm also sharing it with my family ..I just love it...I'm grateful for the music on your site...be well. Thank you...and....blessings....".Audre 

"Singing this mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) for 24 minutes is too joyful and addictive to give up." by Julie Britt from Houston, TX

"Glorious. Although this CD (Tibetan Incantations)  is not true Tibetan chanting, it is one of the most beautiful pieces of meditational music I have ever heard. The first track is a wonderful expression of "Om Mani Padme Hum" which I find quite soothing and uplifting. The second track, "Mantra of Avalokiteshvara" is joyous and moving. I am very glad I bought this CD." Chris Gornik from Western PA

"Thanks again for your service. I received the CDs on Monday! Superfast. I am already enjoying these wonderful albums. I am happy I found your website with your special collection." C Kim,  Seoul, S. Korea.

"As a Buddhist of some 30 years, I went to Nepal several weeks ago (October 2003) for the first time and, on my first day strolling around the ancient streets and alleys of Kathmandu, I kept hearing this blissful music - I eventually ventured into one of the many music shops - the blissful, haunting melody was from Tibetan Incantations. Put simply, this is the most beautiful, spiritually uplifting spiritual music I have ever heard. One can simply sit down, put on the CD (Tibetan Incantations), and meditate. The chanting and heavenly melodies will take you to a higher spiritual plane, your heart will fill with compassion and devotion - it is just simply the most awe-inspiring pieces of music I have ever heard. Buy it! You wont be disappointed!"
ian oliver (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)

"I find The Chant of Metta helps to evoke a deep, centered state in which to focus on metta.  It is also very beautiful to listen to.  I am very impressed with Imee Ooi's musical composition and the sincerity that comes across when she recites the English phrases.  I love the way it's done with the Pali chant for the first part and then the English translation with the Pali chant in the background. I listen to it often when I do the metta practice, and I never tire of it."
 by E. Hoffman, Canada

"I found your site and was thrilled that you had audio samples. I bought what resonated with my soul at this time. I also appreciated that your prices were better than the other sites I checked out.
Thanks for making such a lovely site!" by Lynn, CO

"Thank you. And please thank Imee for her wonderful work!" by Barbara, VT

"Amazing album (Chant Of Metta)." by H. Mahn from Berkeley, CA

"several years ago, i bought the chant of metta before it was being sold in the US. i think i just discovered it while looking for sites on metta. the audio clip sold me. imee ooi's voice is indescribable. i have wanted to pass this cd on to others, but it was so difficult to buy the cds that i kept hoping it would eventually appear in the US. i've kept checking regularly and so was very excited not only to find chant of metta, which i can now purchase for friends, but also the other cds. the chant of metta encourages me to practice metta as i go about my activities of daily living. i am so grateful that imee ooi is willing to do this and that her work has become sufficiently well know that the cds are now available in the US. goodness knows, i and the rest of the american people need to learn a *lot* about metta!!! i thank you, wishing metta to you and all beings. may you abide in peace, by ellie moses

"Last time when I went to India, I bought a few CDs, for example Tibetan Incantations, I like to listen to it very much. I started to search on the net to find some more CDs, and I found Alyta. I listened to the samples and I was amazed, every one is just beautiful. You know that feeling when you listen to a music and get this shivering feeling." by L.Krisztina


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